Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Two Good Online Circuit Simulators

Today everything is on the web, even electronics circuit simulators. That means you don't need to download any software and burden your computer, no need to buy and everything free. You just need an internet connection and thats it. Moreover there are free tutorials that teaches you how to use the simulator and there are tons of free design tutorials.

There are two good free online circuit simulators which you should try- Circuit Lab and PartSim. As said both are free and excellent simulators. The only thing is you have to sign up but thats is not difficult.


CircuitLab is free circuit simulator and you don't have to download this program because it is an online circuit simulator. Just sign up and start using the CircuitLab free of charge. It has large tutorials on its site that demonstrates how to use the program and is useful for beginners. It has a clean and friendly schematic editor, large library of schematic parts of passive and active components, microcontrollers and other IC modules. Like other simulators it has transcients, DC and AC analysis simulation program and in addition it has Laplace Transform simulation program.


 PartSim is an another excellent free online circuit simulator. It also has clean schematic editor, easy to use library that has all required electronics components. To place the components requires just drag and drop on the schematic and wiring the components. Once the schematic is complete, different types of simulation can be performed such as transcient analysis, DC bias analysis and AC analysis, time and frequency domain simulation, bode plots, magnitude and phase response etc and viewd on graphical waveform display. Interesting feature is the digikey part selection tools which means that users can search parts in the digikey library instantaneously. Other feature includes generation of BOM(Bill of Material)


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