Friday, July 11, 2014

The capacitor input filter

In the last two blog posts, first a transformer circuit was made that down converted high voltage signal then in the second blog post half wave rectification and full wave rectification circuit was drawn. Now in this blog post a capacitor input filter will be drawn at the end of the full wave rectifier, that smooths the full wave as signal to get a dc signal at the load.

See 1st part- Transfomer circuit and simulation
2nd part -  halfwave and fullwave rectification circuit and simulation

The signal at the output of the rectifier contains ac and dc component. Now the desire is to block the ac component and allow the dc component to propagate to the load resistor. However even applying the filter there might be some residual ac part in the signal at the load which is called the ripple.

The below circuit schematic shows a capacitor filter connected to the earlier full wave rectifier circuit.

If this circuit is stimulated we get the following graph as shown below-

The graph waveform above shows that the output signal at the load is a constant DC signal at 39V. This illustrates the filtering action of the capacitor input filter and this is how a AC signal is converted to a DC signal.

See orcad capture page for schematic and PCB design.

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