Friday, July 11, 2014

Solidworks Video Tutorial free download

Download Solidworks Video tutorials free from the links below. These over 6 hours Solidworks beginner video tutorials are excellent to quickly learn the basic of starting solidworks, creating your first 2D and 3D design from a scratch. It teaches working with objects, working with axis, coordinate system, modifying bodies, creating dimension, adding dimension, rendering, threaded parts, excel, export and import etc.

Download Links:

Solidwork is a 3D design software used in almost all engineering design application. For electronics design it can be used for designing 3D electronics parts such as capacitors, inductors and any desired components and exported to electronics design software. It can also be used for importing electronics design such as PCB design, antenna or any other 3D electronics parts and redesigned for better architectural design and exported back to the electronics design software.

This free solidworks video tutorials helps you get started with learning 3D modelling of electronics components.

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