Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Open Source PCB design Software | Kicad

You don't need to buy expensive PCB design software to learn creating PCB or for your professional work. There are many free like Cadsoft Eagle free and open source PCB design software and one of the good ones is KiCad. It is free to download and use. Like most of other PCB design software, it is also a schematic drawing software. That means it has schematic editor where you can draw your electronics or electrical wiring diagram with components. It has large open source library and library manager so searching and finding the right component is no big deal. Since it is an open source software, there are much more library component depositary and support. There are also various links to open source library parts where you can search for the footprints and symbols. It also supports 3D object so visualization of the final design and creativity and innovation is what KiCad also has.

kidcad pcb design software

Another thing about KiCad noteworthy is the large community and groups. That means you can join those community and get help, take part in their discussion, do projects and see how they are doing the projects. Such social participation is essential for learning specially for beginners.

The best thing about open source software is that you can modify and contribute the software development and security to your own system and designs.

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