Friday, July 4, 2014

LP Wizard | Mentor Graphics | Free Download

Download Mentor Graphics LP Wizard software free that creates IPC complaint footprints land pattern and speeds up the footprint or land pattern creation process. Today's electronics design requires accurate PCB with accurate footprints because the components are becoming smaller. Inaccurate land pattern can cause mistakes and disobedience to IPC standard. LP Wizard is the only CAD library generation software certified and approved by IPC. It can be used for generation of IPC-7351B compliant footprint within minutes saving time and effort.

Download link for LP Wizard:

It has features such as footprint viewer, footprint creation wizard, footprint library, working in different units such as mm, mils, microns, BGA, QFP, SOP footprint creation automation, custom pads, solder paste and masks, export to various CAD tools etc.

Today market competition is dependent on how fast footprints and component libraries are build, not only how fast but also how accurate the footprints are. Engineers making footprints by hand takes time and error prone, but with the LP Wizard automatic footprint creation tool the time will be significantly reduced and the footprint are accurate and IPC complaint.

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