Saturday, July 5, 2014

How to convert .igs 3D model to .stp 3D model

Many times when you work with 3D modelling engineering designs you need .stp files like in altium designer but many component manufactures provides only .igs 3D models. This tutorial shows how you can convert .igs model file to .stp model file.

To convert .igs to .stp model file, you need software that can convert the 3D model file. One such software is the 3D-Tool software. It is very light, fast and easy to use software.

The software comes with a converter that basically can convert from many 3D CAD model file extensions such as solidworks, autocad etc to another 3D model file extension.

There are two ways you can start converting the 3D model, one is to open the 3D-Tool program and then open the converter or you can directly start the converter from the start menu without opening the 3D-Tool Software.

Assuming that you have downloaded the .igs model file and saved somewhere in your PC folder, you can directly start the converter by going to the start and selecting the 3D-tool Vx, then clicking on the 3D-NativeCAD Converter as shown below-

Once you click on the converter you get the converter window like the one below-

As you can see the software provides various options such as to convert completely or just parts, to output models in mm or inch units and others.

The converter is self explanatory, just click on the browse button and choose the .igs file and select the output file format, here .stp. But as you can see there are other output file option such as acis abat, acis sab and sat, catia, vda and others.

Once you have specified the files to convert click on the Convert Complete button and the 3D model will be converted. The conversion process takes less than a sec to few sec.

Now the converted file is saved in the folder that you had specified earlier.

One can then open the converted step 3D model in the 3D-Tool viewer as shown below-

Now you can use this software to convert from .stp to .igs or any other file format as mentioned above.

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