Thursday, July 10, 2014

Download Tina Design Suite

Download Tina Design Suite software free. Tina Design Suite is an integrated software with circuit design and simulation and PCB design capability. It can be used for basic electronics circuit design, RF circuit design and simulation, microcontroller design and simulation, digital design and simulation using HDL language. Tina Design suite is few of the electronics design software that has MCU interactive simulation capabilities. Like with Proteus Professional, microprocessors from microchip, AVR and others can be put into the schematic and firmware, assembly code or C program for the microcontroller and simulated to test the program.

Free Download Link for Tina Design Suite:

 Main features of Tina Design Suite
  • Analog Circuit design and simulation
  • Digital Circuit design and simulation
  • RF/Microwave circuit  design and simulation
  • FPGA design and simulation/ HDL support
  • Microcontroller/ Microprocessor (MCU) simulation/ Firmware development
  • Mixed mode circuit simulation
  • PCB design, power pcb design support
  • 3D capability
  • Virtual Instruments
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