Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Open Source Virtual Electronics breadboard Software

Fritzing is an open source Virtual Electronics design with virtual breadboard software. It is an interesting software because the look of the PCB and schematic looks very realistic. The components looks very realistic which makes it easy to understand and imagine the final design. The components can be dragged into the virtual breadboard and together they look very realistic. It is also a schematic drawing software which means schematic of the electronics circuit can be drawn easily and transferred to the PCB. Components if not available can be created with the component editor quickly.

A view of virtual breadboard and printed circuit board where components are placed is shown for illustration.

This virtual electronics design software is useful for students, beginners and electronics hobbyist and for teaching purpose. The realistic view of the design makes it easy to learn schematic and PCB design. Following shows a picture of parts which looks very nice and realistic.

Also various kinds and size of project can be completed with Fritzing such Arduino microcontroller project, RF project, robotics and others. A large number of schematic and pcb design tutorials are provided in the Fritzing website which makes it even more easier for people to learn designing with the software.

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