Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Magnetic Loop Antenna


Various articles have appeared describing magnetic loops for HF use, some with complicated methods of remote tuning and the antenna can be quite a useful and interesting project.

The article in Sprat 61 my Tom, GM3MXN describes a loop useable from 7 - 21 mHz, using half inch copper tube 3 feet in circumference. As shown, there is a gap at the top of the loop, which may be about 3/4 inch, either side of which is connected to the tuning capacitor, which can be about 250 pF. The inner of the SO239 socket at the base of the loop is soldered onto the centre of the loop, with the inner forming a gamma match to the tube, about 9 inches from the earthy connection. This is adjusted for minimum SWR. As show, the loop can be mounted on a wooden support and is fed with 50 ohm coax.

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