Thursday, June 16, 2011

USB FM Transmitter Circuit for PC and Laptop

Here's a small FM transmitter ciruit for your desktop or laptop to enjoy the movie and music from a distance. This FM transmitter, which is powered by USB, recovers output on your computer or your MP3 player to the relay on the tape FM (frequency 108 MHz). For Assemblying this FM transmitter kit, an electronics hobbyist will have built in about 30 minutes.

FM Transmitter Construction
It is not necessary to drill the transmitter PCB. All components will be soldered to the plate with their legs folded.

The two transistors and the LEDs are polarized:
The transistor has a flat side, the LED a foot longer than the other is the anode (A), the other is the cathode (K). The audio cable (minijack) must be transformed from a stereo cable into a cable.

Mono Sound:
Soldering together the white and red cables, leaving aside the yellow cable (mass). The frequency setting will be turning the variable capacitor gently with a screwdriver or thin cardboard but rigid.

FM Transmitter Parts List
* 1 Ohm resistor 510 (green - brown - brown)
* 100 resistor 1 kOhm (brown - black - yellow)
* 1 MOhm resistors (brown - black - green)
* 1 capacitor 0.1 uF (0.1)
* 1 nF capacitor 47 (0.047)
* 1 capacitor 4.7 pF (479)
* 2 pF capacitors 22 (22)
* 1 variable capacitor 1.5 pF ... 15
* 2 transistor BF 246 (F246A)
* 1 red LED
* 1 audio cable (minijack)

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